YHYS Colloquium: Sustainable Welfare 25.-26.11.2021

YHYS colloquium  2021 will take place on 25.-26.11.2021 in Helsinki, under the theme ”Sustainable welfare: States and capabilities of transformation”.

The colloquium is organised by Aalto University, in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, LUKE and SYKE. Mikko Jalas (Aalto) is leading the organizing committee and can be contacted with ideas and suggestions.


Welfare societies have evolved to pursue progress, distribute wellbeing, and build up institutional capacities to regulate and steer social development. Sustainability concerns present a double bind for such societies. While the key conditions of the development of welfare societies erode, including rampant acquisition of natural resources and rapid economic growth, crisis escalate and transformational sustainability challenges amount. In between such pressures, sustainability pursuits call for a broad constituency, new visions of welfare and wellbeing and creative articulation of transformational pathways to sustainability.

In the YHYS 2021 colloquium, we highlight particularly the following aspects of sustainability transformations: 

  • Institutional lock-ins and the capacities of the welfare state 
  • Novel ideas about the actors, key processes, and structures in a welfare state context
  • How environmental and social crises punctuate and build momentum for transformations
  • Legitimacy, inclusiveness, and acceptance of sustainability transformations
  • How global perspectives infuse in and inform societal change from personal and local to national processes

Call for sessions: Please send your session proposals to philip.hector@aalto.fi by 30.06.2021

Call for papers open: August 8 – September 19, 2021

Acceptance of papers: September 24, 2021

Colloquium: 25-26 November 2021

More information here.