ICIS 2021: Kuinka suunnitella hiilijalanjälkilaskuri globaaliin käyttöön?

Sanna Tiilikainen, Michael Lettenmeier, Katrin Bienge, Torsten Masseck, Salla Lahtinen, Jari Kolehmainen, Mikko Jalas, ICIS 2021 12.-15.12.2021

Description in English:

To keep global warming within the 1.5 degrees suggested in the Paris Agreement, most individuals around the globe need to drastically reduce their carbon emissions and material footprints by adopting a so-called 1.5-degree lifestyle. However, transitioning to this lifestyle can pose a challenge for many and support is needed to facilitate the change. For solving this problem, we introduce a Green IS prototype called SUSLA. SUSLA aims at global reach, informed by design research methodology and sensemaking theory. We introduce SUSLA design, based on data and lessons learned from several test rounds with an increasing number of users around the globe. Our results suggest that when designing a Green sensemaking IS for individuals undergoing a sustainable lifestyle transition at a global scale, acknowledging the local context for each country is needed. In addition, facilitating the temporal setting and organization of goals, can increase individuals’ motivation and commitment to the change.

Watch full presentation here.

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