ORSI - Eeva Furman

Covid-crisis: a testcase to deal with broader sustainability deficiencies (IDEES)

"The situation of insecurity in the whole world requires resilience strategies instead of efectivity strategies: this is what sustainable development can offer, but only if it is applied through transformations in the key societal systems." Read Eeva Furman's article for IDEES magazine here.

New article: Business experimentation for a circular economy – Learning in the front end...

Business experimentation has been recognized as an important means for accelerating transitions towards a circular economy (CE). This paper aims to develop a new understanding of how learning from business experiments at...
ORSI - Tuuli Hirvilammi

Ecosocial Innovation: Lessons for Labour Market Policies (The Social Policy Blog)

The covid-19 crisis is causing a drastic rise of unemployment rates around Europe. Instead of using just old recipes the crisis could also be the starting point for an ecosocial transition in labour market policies. In the past, sustainability of labour market and unemployment policies was discussed one-dimensionally: understood as financial or economic sustainability to keep public spending as low as possible. Environmental sustainability was not an issue. In our recent study we tried to tackle this problem from an environmental social work and social policy research perspective. The results revealed much potential on different levels. Read the full blog post by Ingo Stamm, Aila-Leena Matthies, Tuuli Hirvilammi, Kati Närhi here.

Eeva Furman: The unbearable slowness of sustainability

Open science and collaboration have played an important role when combating the Covid-19. A vaccine would be a major advancement in research, but from the perspective of sustainable development, other issues need to be tackled as well. This calls upon interdisciplinary research and sustainability science. Read Eeva's blog on SYKE's website.

Towards an Eco-Welfare State: Orchestrating for Systemic Impact (ORSI)

Liisa Häikiö& the ORSI consortium Abstract: An eco-welfare state & a just transition In the coming decade, societies must adapt their activities to meet environmental limits...