Connecting Social
Environmental and
Economic Goals

You are invited to join us for a public discussion on deep transformations.
What makes the transformation deep enough? What does deep transformation require from different actors? How to combine social, environmental, and economic goals when transforming welfare states?


In this session, Professor Max Koch (Lund University) will give a presentation entitled “Researching degrowth transformations: Theoretical discussion and empirical results."

It will be followed by a comment from Senior Research Fellow Tuuli Hirvilammi (Tampere University) who will speak on concrete eco-social policy proposals that could accelerate deep transformations.

University Researcher Toni Ruuska (University of Helsinki) will talk about the skills and labor for deep transformations and sustainable local livelihoods.

The event is organized by two ongoing research projects in Finland: Towards an Ecowelfare state (ORSI) and Skills of self-provisioning in rural communities (SOS).

Watch the recording below

Thursday 15.6.2023 @ 15.00-16.30

University of Helsinki,
Porthania/Suomen Laki -Hall
(Yliopistokatu 3, 1 floor)

Livestream below here on ecowelfare.fi

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Tuuli Hirvilammi

Erkki Mervaala