ORSI - Eeva Furman

Covid-crisis: a testcase to deal with broader sustainability deficiencies (IDEES)

"The situation of insecurity in the whole world requires resilience strategies instead of efectivity strategies: this is what sustainable development can offer, but only if it is applied through transformations in the key societal systems." Read Eeva Furman's article for IDEES magazine here.

YHYS Fall Colloquium: Measuring and valuing sustainability, 19–20 November 2020

The 25th annual colloquium of the Finnish Society for Environmental Social Sciences (YHYS) on Measuring and valuing sustainability will be organized by LUT University, Department of Sustainability Science. The colloquium includes high-level keynote speeches, workshop sessions and a panel discussion. ORSI consortium members will be chairing sessions at the event. Call for abstracts is open until 20.9.2020.

New article: Business experimentation for a circular economy – Learning in the front end...

Business experimentation has been recognized as an important means for accelerating transitions towards a circular economy (CE). This paper aims to develop a new understanding of how learning from business experiments at...

Registration open – EEEN2020 Forum on SDGs and transformative policymaking, 4-5 November 2020, Finland

4-5 November 2020 Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open! The EEEN 2020 Forum welcomes your abstracts for the sessions. Instructions can be...

Save the Date: Ekothon Pirkanmaa, 1-2 October 2020

Our Pirkanmaa region contains many incredible solutions and ideas to make the world ecologically and socially sustainable, fair and just. The ideas might be there, but is widespread action actually happening? What’s standing in the way, and how can we improve this? To help things happen, we created Ekothon - a hackathon-inspired two-day event online. Register by 18th of September!