ORSI project

No state has achieved well-being that is ecologically sustainable.

ORSI project

In the coming decade, societies must adapt their activities to meet environmental limits. Finland must transform from a welfare state into an eco-welfare state. At the same time, we must ensure that our political goals and the practical measures we take to achieve them are as just and socially acceptable as possible.

The ORSI project is looking to address these challenges. We examine changes in the policy instruments of the welfare state, seek to identify effective and fair instruments in particular and generate information and tools in order to to reach the goal together with our partners.

Four main themes in six areas

The project focuses on four main themes, which will be addressed in six different areas in the years 2019–2022/25. The research is funded by the Strategic Research Council, which operates under the Academy of Finland.

  1. Sustainable development and public budgeting
    We explore ways to make the state and municipalities engage in more long-term and cross-sectoral budgeting. We also evaluate tools for sustainable development budgeting at the national and local levels. Work in this area is led by the Tampere University Faculty of Management and Business.
  2. Multi-level governance for sustainable development
    We examine the national and local tools employed by authorities to steer society towards living within environmental limits. In particular, we are interested in comprehensive programmes and metrics, public procurement and multi-stakeholder networks. Work in this area is led by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.
  3. Transformative innovations and ecosystems
    We study the creation and implementation of environmentally and socially sustainable innovations and the innovation policies governing them. We seek to identify new practices which will enable innovations that will offer solutions to societal challenges. Activity in this area is led by the VTT.
  4. Participation and democracy in everyday life
    We examine the ways in which ecosocial policies reflect on people’s everyday life. We contemplate a just transition and the ways in which individuals and networks can or wish to contribute to social change. Research in this area is led by the Tampere University Faculty of Social Sciences.
  5. Orchestrating sustainable consumption
    We explore tools which allow consumers to learn about the effects of their choices and provide methods for sustainable consumption. Our focus is especially on the maintenance and use of carbon footprint calculators and personal carbon budgeting tools. The work is led by Aalto University.
  6. Project administration and communications
    We are in charge of the coordination, administration and public communications of the ORSI project. The area is led by the Tampere University Faculty of Social Sciences. The Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE is responsible for communications.